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Ficus grevei Baillon 1895


(Life; Embryophyta (plants); Angiospermae (flowering plants); Eudicotyledons; Order: Rosales; Family: Moraceae; Genus: Ficus; Subgenus: Urostigma; Section: Galoglychia; Subsection: Platyphyllae)

Ficus_grevei Ficus_grevei
Ficus_grevei 92.05.16 Ficus grevei Onilahy valley nr Betalampy_Zachariades
92.05.14 F. grevei & Tony Ware lac Tsimanam_Zachariades Ficus_grevei
92.05.18 habitat of Ficus grevei Fiherenana valley tributary Zachariades  
Distribution Distribution_of_Ficus_grevei Distribution_of_Ficus_grevei

Madagascar. Widespread, but most common in the south-west of the country.


Pollinator: unknown.


Dry forest near water, at low altitude up to 200m.


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Photographs © Jean-Yves Rasplus (INRA) or © Costas Zachariades (ARC-PPRI).

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