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Subsection Sycocarpus

(Life; Embryophyta (plants); Angiospermae (flowering plants); Eudicotyledons; Order: Rosales; Family: Moraceae; Genus: Ficus; Subgenus: Sycomorus; Section: Sycocarpus)


Ficus adelpha Lauterbach & K. Schumann


Ficus albomaculata C.C. Berg


Ficus arfakensis King


Ficus baccaureoides Corner


Ficus beccarii King


Ficus beguetensis Merrill


Ficus bernaysii King


Ficus biakensis C.C. Berg


Ficus boanensis C.C. Berg


Ficus botryocarpa botryocarpa Miquel


Ficus botryocarpa hirtella C.C. Berg


Ficus botryocarpa subalbidoramea (Elmer) C.C. Berg


Ficus bougainvillei Corner


Ficus calcarata Corner


Ficus calopilina Diels


Ficus carpenteriana Elmer


Ficus cassidyana Elmer


Ficus cereicarpa Corner


Ficus congesta Roxburgh


Ficus conglobata King


Ficus cryptosycea Corner


Ficus cuneata (Miquel) Miquel


Ficus cynarioides Corner


Ficus d'albertisii King


Ficus decipiens Blume


Ficus dimorpha King


Ficus dissipata Corner


Ficus fistulosa Blume


Ficus flagellaris Diels


Ficus francisci Winkler


Ficus geocarpa Miquel


Ficus geocharis Corner


Ficus gilapong Miquel


Ficus griffithii Miquel


Ficus hahliana Diels

Ficus hispida Linnaeus


Ficus hypogaea King


Ficus iodotricha Diels


Ficus immanis Corner


Ficus ixoroides Corner


Ficus lancibracteata Corner


Ficus latimarginata Corner


Ficus lepicarpa Corner


Ficus limosa C.C. Berg


Ficus linearifolia Elmer


Ficus longibracteata Corner


Ficus macrothyrsa Corner


Ficus manuselensis C.C. Berg


Ficus megaleia Corner


Ficus morobensis C.C. Berg


Ficus multistipularis Merrill


Ficus nana Corner


Ficus nota (Blanco) Merrill


Ficus novahibernica


Ficus obpyramidata King


Ficus pachyrrhachis Lauterbach & K. Schumann


Ficus papuana Corner


Ficus parvibracteata Corner


Ficus pleyteana Corner


Ficus porrecta (Corner) C.C. Berg


Ficus praestans Corner


Ficus profusa Corner


Ficus remifolia Corner ex C.C. Berg


Ficus ribes Blume


Ficus rubrosyce C.C. Berg


Ficus satterthwaitei Elmer


Ficus saurauioides Diels


Ficus scaposa Corner


Ficus schwarzii Koorders


Ficus scopulifera C.C. Berg


Ficus scortechinii King


Ficus septica Burman F.


Ficus serraria Miquel


Ficus stolonifera King


Ficus subcongesta Corner


Ficus sublimbata Corner


Ficus subterranea Corner


Ficus sulcata Elmer


Ficus tanypoda Corner


Ficus tarennifolia Corner


Ficus ternatana (Miquel) Miquel


Ficus treubii King


Ficus tunicata Corner


Ficus uncinata (King) Beccari


Ficus virescens Corner


Ficus vrieseana Miquel


Berg, C.C.  & Corner, E.J.H. 2005. Moraceae - Ficus. Flora Malesiana Series I (Seed Plants) Volume 17/Part 2. National Herbarium of the Netherlands, Leiden.

Corner, E.J.H. 1965. Checklist of Ficus in Asia and Australasia with keys to identification. The Gardens’ Bulletin Singapore 21: 1-186.


Photographs © Greg Calvert (Townsville, Australia).

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