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Ficus pachyclada

Ficus pachyclada Baker 1887


(Life; Embryophyta (plants); Angiospermae (flowering plants); Eudicotyledons; Order: Rosales; Family: Moraceae; Genus: Ficus; Subgenus: Sycidium; Section: Sycidium)

Ficus pachyclada Ficus pachyclada
Ficus pachyclada Ficus pachyclada


Ficus pachyclada Distribution          Ficus pachyclada Distribution

Madagascar. Recorded from the east and the south. Relatively common from sea level to an altitude of 1300 m.


Pollinator: unknown.


Along rivers, in temporary inundated areas and in riverine forests,  also in marshy places and along the coasts.


(after C.C. Berg in Berg & Wiebes, 1992):

Biological form

Tree up to 25(-35) m tall, terrestrial


shape & colour

in spirals, cordiform to ovate sometimes elliptic, chartaceous, apex shortly acuminate, base cordate to subcordate, margin crenate dentate, scabrous, whitish hispidulous to brownish hirtellous



4-22 x 2-14 cm, smaller in subsp. arborea : 3-8 x 2-6 cm


lateral veins

3-6 pairs, basal pair branched reaching margin at about the middle of the lamina



1-13 cm long


0.1-0.5 cm long, hispidulous, caducous



solitary in the leaf axils or below the leaves, rarely on older wood



subglobose to subpyriform, 1-2.5 cm (fresh), hispidulous



0.5-2.5 cm long


basal bracts

1 mm long, scattered on the peduncle


Berg, C.C. 1986. The Ficus species (Moraceae) of Madagascar and the Comore Islands. Bulletin du Musťum national díHistoire naturelle díHistoire Naturelle. Paris (4), 8: 17-55.

Berg, C.C. & Wiebes, J.T. 1992. African fig trees and fig wasps. Koninklijke Nederlandse Akademie van Wetenschappen. Amsterdam, 1-298 pp.


Photographs © Jean-Yves Rasplus (INRA).

Ficus politoria Lamarck

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