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Ficus natalensis natalensis Hochstetter


(Life; Embryophyta (plants); Angiospermae (flowering plants); Eudicotyledons; Order: Rosales; Family: Moraceae; Genus: Ficus; Subgenus: Urostigma; Section: Galoglychia; Subsection: Chlamydodorae)


Ficus natalensis natalensis Hochstetter, 1845





Ficus_natalensis_natalensis Ficus_natalensis_natalensis


Ficus natalensis Simon van Noort




From north-eastern South Africa to Uganda and Kenya.


Pollinators: Elisabethiella allotriozoonoides (Grandi), Elisabethiella socotrensis Mayr, Elisabethiella stuckenbergi Grandi, Alfonsiella brongersmai Wiebes, Alfonsiella longiscapa Joseph & Alfonsiella natalensis Wiebes, 1972. Four of these species: Alfonsiella brongersmai, A. natalensis, A. longiscapa and E. allotriozoonoides have been recorded together in the same fig crop in Uganda (Compton et al., 2009). Elisabethiella socotrensis often develops together  with E. stuckenbergi in the same fig in South Africa (Cornille et al., 2011).


Forest (both wet and dry), and woodland in rocky places, up to an altitude of 2200m.


(after C.C. Berg in Berg & Wiebes 1992):

Biological form

shrub or tree up to 30 m tall, terrestrial or hemi-epiphytic


shape & colour

oblong to obovate, (sub)coriaceous, apex acuminate, base acute, both surface glabrous



2.5-10 x 1-5 cm


lateral veins

6-13 pairs, midrib not reaching the apex of the lamina



0.2-3 cm long, glabrous


0.2-1 cm long, glabrous, caducous



in pairs in the leaf axils or just below the leaves, initially enclosed by bud covers



globose, Æ 1.5-2 cm (fresh), glabrous



0.2-1 cm long


basal bracts

2-2,5 mm long, caducous


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Photographs and distribution map © Simon van Noort (Iziko Museums of South Africa) or © Jean-Yves Rasplus (INRA).

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